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“I have always loved the painted saint pegs from Saintly Heart and could not be more thrilled about their new collection of wooden saint toys! Each set provides a beautiful way for my son to learn about the saints – it is so much more than a toy, but something that can inspire him all at the same time. I cannot wait to see the amazing products Saintly Heart will continue to create for parents like me who desire Catholic toys for their babies!”

Emily Wilson Hussem International speaker and author

“This is a really good idea because toys just appeal to kids. It’s a universal image for kids/to all. And if you can incorporate religion with it it’s even better. It’s teaching kids on a personal level. It will have a different impact on kids. I can’t think of any toys I played with that incorporated religion. I had a cross and that was about it. ”

Lucas 16 yr old

“As a mother of two little girls, I’m always on the lookout for fun and creative ways to incorporate our Catholic Faith into daily life. These unique and colorful Saint toys are perfect. It’s so wonderful to see my children recognize the different Saints and learn about them through play.”

Jen L