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My Pray & Play Busy Book: A Quiet Felt Book

My Pray & Play Busy Book: A Quiet Felt Book

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Introducing My Pray & Play Busy Book – an engaging, interactive, Montessori style, quiet felt book to introduce children to the wonders of Scripture and the Catholic faith. Created with vibrant colors from durable felt, this book is crafted to captivate and educate children for hours of fun! 

Forget packing a Mass bag to keep your littles busy, quiet, and engaged. This all-in-one felt book is everything you need for Mass. A total of 8 pages fold up into a nice little “briefcase” style book, so your child can easily carry their “Mass bag” into Church all on their own.

Each page is a delightful adventure, featuring iconic scenes from the Bible, prayers, and liturgical learning. Young children will develop independence as they read and work through My Pray & Play Busy Book, and don’t be surprised if older siblings want a turn as well.  

Designed by a pediatric speech language pathologist and in collaboration with Brother Francis, this activity book is not only great for any child, but especially engaging to children with special needs!

Perfect for quiet moments at home, Mass, road trips, or on-the-go learning, My Pray & Play Busy Book is a timeless treasure that fosters a love for the Bible and the Catholic faith in young hearts. Let the journey begin!

Special Features: 

  • Integrated carry bag with handles.

  • Pages that can be zipped in or out of the book, so you can share activities between children, or choose which activities you want your children to work on. This is especially handy when on the go or during Mass. 

  • Made from non-toxic, soft felt and high-quality Velcro to secure the loose pieces for each page.

  • Meets & exceeds U.S. child product safety requirements. Due to the natural printing process, colors in book may vary slightly.


  • Inside front cover: Add green chasuble to priest; light the candle/extinguish the candle (hide the flame); open the church doors to see inside; dip your finger in “holy water;” clip and unclip the cross.

  • Inside back cover: Open the Bible to read the “Gospel”; move the clock to show what time you go to Mass; move the arrow to mark what time of year it is in the Church (Liturgical Calendar); latch, unbuckle/buckle, click belts; zip/unzip the pocket to store loose pieces in.

Zipped pages include:

  • Jesus and the 12 Apostles: Learn their names and match them.

  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Learn to name the seven gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit with a unique “gift box” visual; Based on the different “gift box” designs, learn matching various sizes and recognizing patterns.

  •  The Fruit of the Spirit: Matching & naming fruits and their colors while learning the 12 fruits/virtues the Holy Spirit gives us. 

  • Jesus the Good Shepherd Puzzle: Matching the puzzle pieces together to create the Good Shepherd scene.

  • The 10 Commandments: Number & color recognition and matching; read & memorize each commandment in order.

  • The Lord’s Prayer: Read and match the words to the prayer in order.

Recommended for ages 3 and up. 

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