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Saintly Heart

Rosary Pray and Play Set by Saintly Heart & Brother Francis

Rosary Pray and Play Set by Saintly Heart & Brother Francis

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Accompany Brother Francis as he meditates on the Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and invite your children to learn about Jesus’ life through Mary. 

Recounting the Scripture passages for the Joyful Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, the Glorious Mysteries and the Luminous Mysteries, this beautiful wooden set features animated characters from the popular Catholic children’s cartoon, Brother Francis, and will invite your children to pray the Rosary in experiential and age-appropriate ways. 

With pieces made from eco-friendly and sustainable wood, this Rosary Pray and Play Set features 33 bright and unbreakable figures for your children to explore, strengthening their love for Jesus and leading them to a better understanding of His Life. Two accordion style backdrops featuring all twenty Mysteries of the Rosary will allow your children to follow along and create a beautiful and prayerful scene for guided play. 

Whether your child is playing alongside you as you pray or quietly reflecting on the Mysteries of the Rosary on their own using the information card provided, this toy will allow the Lord to transform their hearts and grow in devotion to Mary, our mother, while they play and pray. 

Wooden pieces included in this set: 

  • Brother Francis
  • Angel Gabriel, Mary with prayer hands, Elizabeth, Mary & Joseph kneeling, Baby Jesus & Manger crib, Simeon with open arms to receive Jesus & joyful Anna, Mary holding baby Jesus with Joseph holding two turtledoves as a Temple offering, Temple elders, child Jesus sitting
  • Jesus in water being baptized by John, Mary with prayer hands, Jesus standing with arms down, Headwaiter looking at the two water jars, Jesus with arm raised as though He is teaching, Jesus transfigured on a mountain in clouds with Moses and Elijah next to Him, Three apostles in awe, Jesus holding the chalice and host, individual host & chalice
  • Jesus praying on His knees, Jesus being scourged at the pillar, Jesus crowned with thorns, a crown of thorns, Jesus carrying the cross, Jesus crucified on the cross
  • Resurrected Jesus, Jesus on a cloud ascending to heaven, Holy Spirit dove, Apostles and Mary with flames of fire above their heads, Mary on a cloud assuming to heaven, Mary holding roses and crowned in heaven, Mary’s crown
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great rosary toy

I love the way this brings the mysteries to mind for the children. It also helps me as a mom to stay focused by directing them to the correct mystery. However, just keeping them in the bag leads to the figurines being scratched up and the paint coming off.

Beautiful and engaging

My children really like this Rosary set and I have no doubt they will have the mysteries memorized much faster using this visual set. Highly recommend.

Emily D.
Kids LOVE this set!

My kids are huge fans of Brother Francis, and they were so thrilled when I showed this set to them. My daughter (4) loves matching up the pieces to the mysteries, and my 2 year old boy carried the Brother Francis one around the rest of the day (and even snuck it into his room when he went to bed)! 😂 Definitely a great buy. I’m hoping it comes in handy to help the kids become more engaged whenever we pray the Rosary together.