Saint John Bosco (Feast day: January 31st)

Saint John Bosco (Feast day: January 31st)

Saint John Bosco was born in Italy in 1815. From a young age, he worked on his family farm and was unable to attend formal school. He used magic tricks and acrobatics to attract people and would recite homilies and prayers to them while he entertained them. 

In 1841, Saint John Bosco was ordained a priest. After meeting an orphan on the street, Saint John Bosco dedicated his life to helping young boys who were troubled, neglected or orphaned. He opened oratories to keep boys off the streets and out of prison by offering them a place of faith, study, and community. He believed in showing kindness and respect to everyone, and he thought the best way for children to grow in holiness was by having fun. Inspired by Saint Francis de Sales, he founded his own order of priests whose mission was to help befriend, educate and catechize boys. This order is called the Salesians. 

Saint John Bosco’s feast day is January 31st, and he is the patron saint of apprentices, laborers, boys, magicians, schoolchildren and editors. 

“It’s easy to be a saint. I want to give you the formula for sanctity: first, be happy; second, study and pray; third, do good to everyone.” Saint John Bosco gave us a simple formula for sanctity and his first step was to “be happy.”

Dear God, thank you for the many blessings and gifts you give to me. Help me to be happy, study and pray, and do good to everyone. Amen.

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