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Saintly Heart

Paint & Pray Canvas Art Kit

Paint & Pray Canvas Art Kit

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Paint & Pray Canvas Art Kit. Holy Communion; Saint Joseph's Heart; Mary's Immaculate Heart; Heavenly Queen; Sacred Heart of Jesus

Unlock your child's creativity while nurturing their spiritual growth with our Paint & Pray Canvas Art Kit!

This carefully curated kit combines the joy of artistic expression with the beauty of Christian faith, offering a fun and educational experience!

What's Inside:

  • One Christian-Themed 8x10 Canvas: Ignite your child's imagination with our high-quality canvas featuring an outlined Christian image. 
  • Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint in Pods: Let your child explore their artistic side with confidence using our bright and non-toxic acrylic paints.
  • Child-Friendly Paint Brushes: Our kit includes three specially designed paintbrushes, perfectly sized for little hands. 
  • Paint Palette: Mix and experiment with colors effortlessly, enhancing your child’s painting experience and encouraging their creativity with color.
  • Wooden Easel: Showcase your child's artwork with pride using the sturdy wooden easel.
  • (Acrylic craft paint is non-toxic but can stain clothes and furniture. When using acrylic paint, be sure to cover your workspace, wear old clothes, or an apron or smock. Clean up any spills quickly. Scrubbing with soap and water easily washes acrylic paint off the skin.)


Inspire your little ones to explore their faith and creativity with our "Paint & Pray Canvas Art Kit." Order yours today and watch as your child's imagination takes flight on a canvas filled with faith, love, and endless possibilities.

(This is a pre-sale and will begin shipping out the week of November6th) 

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