October 7th- a very special feast day!

October 7th- a very special feast day!

October 7th is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary! We made a printable Rosary book for your children to make and help personalize their Rosary praying. Download printable book HERE

Did you know the Fatima story is a Rosary story?! 

Did you know that the Church dedicates October to the Holy Rosary? 

Did you know that Our Lady of Fatima revealed to the children her special name as “Our Lady of the Rosary?” 

The Fatima children kept meeting with the beautiful heavenly lady but didn’t know her name until the last visit which was on October 13th (1917).  Mary told the children she was “Our Lady of the Rosary”. They knew she was the Blessed Mother! (A blue wooden rosary piece is included in the playset!)

As mentioned, October 13th was the final Fatima apparition and known as the “miracle of the sun” or “when the sun danced”. You bet I included a sun in the playset! I also included an explanation for why each symbolic faith item is in the playset on the informational pages.

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know that I create these Catholic toys to not only provide wholesome resources and fun or your children, but also to be educational while fostering the faith. 

I don’t just want the saint toys in your home, I want your children to know who the saints are and why they are important–they are the superheroes of the faith after all!  

I also want to make it easier for you too, in case you may not know the details of a particular saint, you can have a quick reference to start a fun faith-filled conversation with your children!

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