Holy Week + Triduum Reflections for Mothers

Holy Week + Triduum Reflections for Mothers

Being a mom is a blessing but it can be so hard especially with the different ages and stages of life. 

Holy Wednesday (Spy Wednesday) for Mothers

On Holy Wednesday, we reflect on Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus. As mothers, sometimes our children hurt, sadden, and even betray us. Maybe they betray the values you've tried to instill by making life choices you disagree with. Maybe your relationship with them is damaged and the sadness you feel is unbearable. Jesus knew Judas had betrayed Him, but He loved and served him anyway. Jesus still chose to break bread with Judas and wash his feet alongside the other apostles. Are there ways you feel hurt or saddened by your children? Have you spoken of this hurt or is it something you keep in your heart? Have you made steps to a resolution? How can you love and serve your children even when they hurt, sadden, or betray you?


Holy Thursday for Mothers

So much is revealed in the Scriptures of Holy Thursday. At the Last Supper, Jesus tells his disciples to love one another as He loved them. The disciples would have remembered the way Jesus showed His love: multiplying food when they didn't have enough, patience when they misunderstood, and protection when they were afraid. As mothers, are you nourishing and nurturing the people around you? Yes, literally with meals, but in other ways too. By encouraging and motivating your children to try new things, by comforting and consoling your children who are learning that they cannot escape the sadness and hurt of this world, and by challenging and stretching your children to grow. 

Oftentimes, nourishing and nurturing your children is simply opening your schedule and heart to spending time with your children and meeting them where they are. What can you do to help nourish and care for the people around you, especially your children? Do they feel like they can come to you with anything or do they feel like an interruption? Do you have time to reflect on the specific and individual needs of each of your kids? 


Good Friday for Mothers

Jesus invites us to bear the cross of motherhood. When Simon of Cyrene was asked to help Jesus carry the cross, it remained the cross of Jesus. Yet, in a profound and powerful way, Simon shared the burden. Motherhood is sacrifice. Bearing children, the anxiety of the adoption process, late nights, early mornings, toddler temper tantrums, and waiting late for teenagers all are the burdens we bear. But we could ignore them. We could refuse the invitation to bear these crosses with cold hearts, turning away from Jesus who extends the invitation. If we do, then we miss the suffering but also the hope of the life it brings. 

Jesus invites us to bear the cross of motherhood and waits patiently for us to share His burden. Where is Jesus asking you to carry a new cross? What burdens are you trying to carry alone? How can you sustain hope in that resurrection that follows the crosses of life? 


Holy Saturday for Mothers

As Jesus' body lay in the tomb, His disciples were left waiting: confused by what happened, unsure of what was next, and scared of what was to come. How long those three days must have felt. As mothers, we experience a lot of waiting. Waiting for the sleepless nights to end... Waiting for our children to come home safely after a night with friends... Waiting for our oldest to call or text after moving out on their own. 

The waiting can feel long and heavy, but it helps us grow in holiness and virtue. What are you waiting for as Easter approaches? Are you leaning into the "waiting" in your life or wishing it away? What is God trying to do in you while you wait? 

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