First Communion/Confirmation

First Communion/Confirmation

When I made my First Communion, I received MANY rosaries, necklaces, Bibles, prayers cards, crosses, and crucifixes. While I was grateful for the gifts, I wasn't quite sure what to do with so many of the same things. Now when I give gifts, I think of how I can give a meaningful and unique gift. 

So, here is your Unique First Communion Gift Guide by Saintly Heart!

We have curated First Communion Gift Boxes for boys and girls – but only a limited supply!

Included in each gift box are a rosary, a wooden figurine, and some Eucharistic centered saint quotes printables (received as a PDF to download, print, and frame).

Why not gift a church for your first communicant?! Yes, I said church! Hehe! 

Our well loved Brother Francis Church Playset will give your first communicant a chance to replay the Mass over and over at home! Our Church Playset is one of our best sellers; in fact we just got a new shipment in — they went that fast when we launched them at Christmas time! 

Your child can recreate the church scene at home from entrance to Communion to recessional, practice saying the prayers, set up a Holy Hour with adorers, and play Mass with the beautifully designed wooden Mass parts and people! It includes a priest,  a deacon, a family of 4, and 22 additional wooden pieces essential for the Mass! Talk about giving a Euchartisic centered gift to a child receiving First Holy Eucharist! I can’t think of a better gift! It even comes with our super handy informational guide (and it’s fully bi-lingual English/Spanish). Even if the adults are stumped, no problem! Check out the wonderful index guide, and find the matching picture to the piece!

Another unique and educational gift is our Sacraments Puzzle, suited for children ages 3-9. Your child can set up each symbol of the Sacraments and learn what all  7 Sacraments are. They can place the wooden Sacrament symbols for the Eucharist  in a special place in their room as a reminder of their special day! Your child will be the most well-versed First Communicant if Father asks some Sacrament questions to the children during the homily!?

Our Fatima Lacing Playset is a beautifully detailed toy that shares the story of when the three shepherd children received Holy Communion from the Angel of Peace! This playset is a multi-faceted set including a lacing string that can be used a decade rosary with the 14 wooden pieces (pray a decade of the rosary and with each prayer add one of the wooden pieces to it, a jigsaw puzzle that creates the Fatima outdoor scene for a better visual experience of the story of Fatima, 14 wooden pieces, and the Fatima story and prayer pages.

Your child can learn, retell, and play the beautiful historical and important faith moments when the angel and Our Lady of Fatima appeared to the three saintly children (circa 1916 and 1917). Did you know Our Lady asked the children to spread devotion to her Immaculate heart and the praying of the rosary at Fatima?! What better way to share this important message?

Have a lower budget but still want unique, kid-approved gifts? Give our temporary Saint tattoos, vinyl, water-proof Saint stickers, and  our cross popping keychains a try! These are all limited in stock, so don’t wait too long to order!

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