A Saint from Philly?!

A Saint from Philly?!

Saint Katharine Drexel was born into a wealthy and prominent family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1858. Katharine’s family taught her to be generous at an early age. On a trip with her family out west, Katharine was moved by the poverty of the Native American people living on the reservations. Back home in Philadelphia, she was concerned with the racial injustice Black Americans suffered. Before Katharine even inherited her family’s fortunes, she began to discern a way to help those for whom she so often prayed. 

Saint Katharine Drexel founded missions and schools for African and Native Americans in over 15 states and founded a religious order, the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, whose focus is prayer and ministry to African and Native American people. She spent the last few years of her life quietly dedicated to Eucharistic Adoration

The second U.S. citizen to be canonized, Saint Katharine Drexel’s feast day is March 3rd and she is the patron saint of philanthropy and racial justice. 

As a young girl, Saint Katharine Drexel recognized the needs of those around her. She gave away everything she had to help those most in need. 

What is something you can do to help those in need around you? 
Pray that you and your children can recognize the needs of those around you and commit to finding ways, however small, to help. 

As a more “modern day” saint, Saint Katharine is often seen in photographs wearing glasses. Use this activity sheet to discuss how Saint Katharine was able to see Christ in everyone she met and remind your children how important it is to look past our differences to see Christ reflected in every individual.

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